Our consistent business approach as well as capability to deliver end solutions as per the expectations of the customers has helped us to maintain a healthy customer base that in turn has assisted us in maintaining a good financial health in our industry sector. With rising profitability and increasing cash flow and sales of our automobile components, we are consistently working towards our vision of further strengthening our position in the global automobile component markets.

Supplier Financial Assessment Result

Calculated RatioFormula200920102011
Quick (Acid)+Net Trade Accts. Receivable Total Current Liabilities2.533.255.11
Current Ratio (Working Capital)Total Current Assets Total Current Liabilities3.623.425.25
Fixed Net Asset TurnoverSales Next Fixed Assets2.903.042.98
Operating Profit MarginOperating Income Next Sales4.9111.5614.27
Return on Total Assets (ROA)Net Income Total Assets5.4210.8713.29
Debit/AssetTotal Debt Total Assets0.3316.50.01