Cap Differential Carrier

We have with us rich industry experience in successfully handling the demands of Cap Differential Carriers. These find application in rear axle differential assembly and are part of Axle Components and are presently being used in Suzuki (India). Differential axle assembly including differential carrier rotably supported on bearings is found within differential carrier where each bearing features standardized outside diameter. These bearings are held in place in carrier with the support of a bearing cap. These bearings are secured within differential carrier in form of semi cylindrical bearing recesses which are machined independently from bearing caps. Further, the bearing caps are each formed with bearing recess that is substantially equal in size to machined bearing recess available in differential carrier. Further, the bearing caps are designed to finished size prior to installation on differential carrier.

Bearing Caps:

  • Finished dimensions of bearing caps are of predetermined standard size that allows placement of bearing cap indifferent to orientation on differential carrier
  • When fastened, machined bearing recess in carrier and corresponding bearing recess in bearing cap form bore of standard size that is slightly smaller than outside diameter of bearing
  • This cause preload on bearing, preventing rotation of outer race, so that bearings and rotably supported case can be secured

With differential axle assemblies well known structures used in vehicles, differentials contain parts that assist in transferring rotational force produced by engine to drive wheels. Here, typical differential comprises centralized carrier/housing assembly that is attached directly/indirectly to axle tubes. Here, the gears are housed in portion of the differential housing called differential carrier. Further, the case is equipped with anti friction side bearings on opposite ends and is rotably secured with bearings in machined bores made within carrier. The bores are cylindrical in shapes and have one half of cylinder machined from carrier housing and corresponding other half of bore machined from bearing cap. As current caps are not standardized, bores need to be finish machined with caps bolted in place. The orientation is necessary for creating required bore tolerances for proper carrier side bearing alignment and preload. Specifications:

  • Usage : Used in rear axle differential assembly
  • Category  : Axle Components
Item NameCap Differential Carrier
Customer NameSona Koyo Steering System
Used inSuzuki (India)