Column Yoke

We have with us rich industry experience in successfully handling the demands of York Pinions. These hot forged and precision machined components find usage in Universal Joint (UJ) assembly of Steering Column. Falling under the Steering Column Component category, these are presently being used in Flat (Alfa) vehicles. These heavy duty Pinion Yokes are made available in a wide variety of differentials. The range comprises from replacement cast yokes to billet and forged superior strength racing yokes. The complete line of standard as well as high performance front and rear end pinion yokes does not have tabs and the C-Clips going on U-Joint cap center and lock U-Joint in place. Further, pinion yoke can also be offered with tabs and are used with outside lock regular U-Joint where the tabs center and lock U-Joint in place. Being precision machined for providing a perfect fit, these pinion are forged and heat treated for maximum strength. Further, these also feature quick release cap design with the seal surface specially grounded so as to achieve close tolerances. In cases of customized demand, we will need to know following parameters from our customers:
  • Output shaft diameter
  • Tooth count
  • Seal inside diameter
  • Spline length
Features: Some of the standard features of these pinion yokes include:
  • Bearing precision CNC machined and heat-treated steel forged finish
  • Quick release cap design
  • Seal surface precision ground for achieving close tolerances that ensure a perfect fit
  • Greater strength with no added weight
  • Safety Caution : These tabs can wear out on pinion yoke with the visible signs being side to side movement of U-Joint in pinion yoke that creates a hi-speed (50-70+) buzzy vibration. Hence, these need to be replaced before they damage other associated parts in the driveshaft.
  • Usage : Hot forged and precision machined component used in Universal Joint (UJ) assembly of Steering Column
  • Category : Steering Column Components
Item NameYoke Pinion
CategorySteering Column Components
Used inFlat (Alfa)