CVJ Yoke Body

We also hold expertise in successfully meeting the demands of Yoke Body that is a S.G. Iron metal based precision machined component which is used in constant velocity. As part of joint assembly, presently, we are supplying these to be used in NISSAN (USA). Finding usage in rack and pinion steering assembly, Yoke body includes bearing surface which provides low friction coefficient, thus allowing greater biasing force against rack shaft. With superior material quality and design standards maintained, the yokes can provide for quieter system with reduced vibrations. With the superior forging standards used to meet the drive shaft assembly demands for medium & heavy duty trucks, The components like Yoke Body are precision constructed at our specialty production division that has complete facilities for:
  • Chemical analysis
  • Mold design
  • Forging
  • Quality inspection
  • Mechanism processing
We also have facility of different surface treatments including Spray Coating, Shot Blasting and Anti-dust treatment as well as advanced equipment support including Machining center, CNC machine and other auxiliary equipment to match up with the expectations of OEM services based on drawings or samples from customers. A steering yoke comprises hollow cylinder including first end and second end, where first end defines at least one of –
  • Arcuate indent for receiving steering rack shaft where arcuate indent is based on contact surface comprising low friction polymer layer
  • Spring perch constructed & arranged for supporting and retaining spring for supplying biasing force to yoke
  • Yoke comprises cylindrical wall having inner surface and outer surface wall having a low friction polymer layer
  • Cylindrical wall featuring steel or aluminum construction
  • Assembly comprising housing, a spring and steering yoke
  • Groove surface includes central portion and two lateral edge portions and is constructed and arranged to support steering rack shaft with equivalent force per area at central portion and two lateral edge portions
  • Groove surface textured with peaks and valleys with contact surface lead free Development of Steering
  • Category : S.G. Iron Precision machined component
  • Usage : Used in constant velocity. joint assembly
Item NameYoke Body
Customer NameNSK Japan