Flange Differential UJ

Flanges Universal Joints made available by us find usage in joining propeller shaft and rear axle of four wheelers. Being part of Axle Component, these are presently being used in Suzuki (India) automobiles. In both vehicle construction as well as in mechanical engineering, drive flanges comprise the means to form connection between drive and cardan shaft. Making use of modern machine tools, we hold expertise in manufacturing these flanges universal joint forging according to customer’s given drawings. These drive flanges can be manufactured in options of internal and external splines and with hardened and lead-free ground seal bearing surface. Flanged universal joints offered are also known as yoke style universal joints and are formed from automotive universal joints that were initially introduced in off-road vehicles. These joints are specifically designed for meeting the demands of applications requiring high misalignment under high torque. Further, these universal joints are designed for misalignment of 15 degrees with selection based on torque requirement and bearing life.


  • Leading OEM’s with expertise in offering components that are interchangeable with the present components
  • Flanges available as per industry standards to bolt up with yoke style flanges
  • Maintenance and cost savings introduced through elimination of greasing
  • Most major components interchangeable with competitors


  • Usage : It is used to join the propeller shaft and rear axle of four wheelers
  • Category  : Axle Components
Item NameFlanges Universal Joint
Customer NameSona Koyo Steering System
Used inSuzuki (India)