Inner Shaft

Inner Shafts offered by us are used for collapsing of steering columns and are an integral part of Column Components. Being precision engineered and quality finished, these components are used in BMW Mini (Germany). In conventional steering arrangements, these are used to turn front wheels using hand–operated steering wheels positioned in front of drivers by making used of steering columns that contain universal joints that are part of collapsible steering column designs. As shaft directly under steering wheel where ignition and automatic shift levers are located, a collapsible steering column is based on a mechanism used to transfer energy from steering wheel into steering gear box that in turn transfers energy to turn wheels of vehicles. Though designs for steering columns are varied, collapsible steering columns resemble two interlocking shafts which are attached directly to steering wheel and steering gear box. Working of steering:With the basic functioning of steering to ensure wheels are pointing in desired directions, the real working is typically achieved through use of series of linkages, gears, rods, pivots and other closely associated components that form the steering and one among these in inner shaft. With the mechanism based on the fundamental concept of caster angle, here each wheel is steered with pivot point ahead of wheel, thus making steering tend to self-center towards direction of travel. Steering Linkages: Steering linkages that connect steering box and wheels are designed in a way where inner wheel is travelling a smaller radius path than outer wheel. Further, the angles making the vertical plane and tyres also influence steering dynamics. Inner Shaft as part of Collapsible Shaft:For providing in a steering column of motor vehicle, predetermined collapse load, it needs to have presence of inner shaft member that have non-circular cross-section and outer tube member having non-circular cross-section congruent with inner shaft member and slidably overlaying inner shaft member. The present shaft arrangement helps in providing yield-ably, allowing inner shaft to retain fixed axial position in outer tube till acted upon by predetermined force. For accomplishing this, the component support available includes:
  • Undercut portion that has length "L" and depth "D", on one lateral face of inner shaft
  • Arcuate spring member fitted into undercut portion where arcuate spring is compressed during insertion of shaft into tube with ends almost butted against ends of undercut portion and interfering with movement of inner shaft in outer tube
Procedure: For steering column to collapse in event of accident, both outer steering column housing and inner shaft needs to collapse also with the outer housing perforated to provide easy collapsing. The process comprises:
  • Shaft that is designed to telescope within itself upon collision and is made of two pieces – an outer tube basically hollow tube with modified socket for receiving inner shaft and inner shaft that is solid and threaded to attach steering wheel
  • Inner shaft having two flats formed on sides to match outer tube with two recesses around inner shaft in area where it fits into outer tube
  • These recesses are filled with tough plastic to act as friction material between inner and outer shaft
  • Used in : This is used for collapsing of steering columns
  • Category : Column Components
Category NameColumn Components
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