Rack Steering

Our rich industry experience also allows us to successfully handle the demands of Rack Steering that can be made available by us in both Power and Manual steering options. With the component used in steering being critical part of rack and pinion arrangement, it comes under Steering Component category and is used in vehicles like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki (India), Mahindra, GM India & Hyundai. The input provided from steering shaft forms inner part of spool-valve assembly and connects to top end of torsion bar. With bottom of torsion bar connecting to outer part of spool valve, torsion bar turns output of steering gear, thus connecting to either pinion gear or worm gear, depending on type of steering car has. With the twisting of bar, it rotates inside of spool valve relative to outside. With inner part of spool valve also connected to steering shaft and through it to the steering wheel, amount of rotation between inner and outer parts of spool valve depends on torque driver applies to steering wheel.

Power Steering:

  • Rack-and-pinion used in power-steering system feature part of rack containing cylinder with piston in middle
  • Piston is connected to rack with two fluid ports, one present on either side of piston
  • Here, supplying higher-pressure fluid to one side of piston forces piston to move that in turn moves rack

There are some other key components in power steering other than rack-and-pinion. These include:

  • Pumps : Hydraulic power for steering is provided through rotary-vane pump that are driven by car's engine via belt and pulley
  • Rotary Valve : Power-steering system should provide assistance to drivers when he is exerting force on steering wheel like when starting a turn and when driver is not exerting force, the system does not provide any assistance. The device sensing force on steering wheel is called rotary valve
  • Torsion bar : It is key to rotary valve and is a thin rod of metal that twists on application of torque. Here, top of bar is connected to steering wheel with bottom of bar connected to pinion/worm gear, hence ensuring amount of torque in torsion bar is equal to amount of torque driver uses to turn wheels

Manual Steering: The advantage of manual steering rack is –

  • Lighter weight
  • Elimination of drag coming from power steering pump


  • Usage : The component is used in steering and is a critical part of rack and pinion arrangement
  • Category : Steering Components
Item NameGear Shift Shaft
Customer Name2F India
Used inToyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki (India), Mahindra, GM India & Hyundai