Steering Gear Assembly

We have with us extensive expertise and experience in successfully handling the demands of Steering column parts. These steering systems act as key interfaces between driver and vehicles and ensure that steering works precise with no play. Further, these steering column parts also ensure that the system works smooth, is compact and light in weight, providing drivers perfect feel for road surface as well as assists wheels to return to straight-ahead position. Steering columns may contain several joints that allow it to deviate somewhat from straight line and may also be part of collapsible steering column designs that protects driver in cases of a frontal crash. Backed with cutting edge technologies used in the automobile industry, these products can also be customized as per the specific automobile industry demands and offer reliable and cost-effective performance.
Meeting the application needs of medium, heavy-duty, on/off highway vehicles, the range offered under this include Constant Velocity Joint, Yoke Pin & Shaft, Yoke Body, Inner Shaft and Vee Flange Assembly.
Item NameSteering Aluminium Housing
Customer Name2f Lenk Systems
Used inVW