Steering Shaft

Our rich industry experience also lies in making available precision engineered and superior functioning Steering Shafts. These serrated machined shafts are used in collapsible column assembly and are part of Steering Columns. The vehicles these are presently being used in include SUZUKI automobiles. Power steering is based on demand-based usage where it uses servo valve for sensing application of torque to steering shaft and proportionally direct hydraulic fluid for neutralizing any forces opposing driver. Here, the input and output shafts of servo are internally connected by small torsion bar. With output shaft restrained by its being connected through rack and pinion to steering resistance of front wheels, input shaft twists through efforts applied to steering wheel. Greater difference between effort and resistance results in greater degree of twist that exists between input and output shafts as these rotate during steering. Other than transmitting steering torque, here, the input and output steering shafts are also part of concentric fluid metering valve. These valves open during rotation in direct proportion to degree of twist applied. With more twist resulting in greater valve opening and in turn higher rate of fluid flow, the procedure continues till sufficient pressure builds up in cylinder to overcome resistance. On release of the twist, valve springs back to its centered position where all fluids are permitted to exhaust.
Some of the standard features include:
  • Steering shafts developed with focus on customer's satisfaction like smoothness, durability and reliability
  • Rigid Shaft Construction of steering shaft and cylinder block that provides smooth as well as even operations
  • Presence of dust seal that prevents damages due to debris and corrosion
  • Solid Plunger with return springs inside replaced by single spring located at center steering shaft. This eliminates air pockets within plunger and results in better as well as easier handling and more solid feel to steering
  • Forged Aluminum body that eliminates possibility of leaks and provides stronger threads in ports
  • Usage : This unique feeling serrated machined shaft is used in collapsible column assembly
  • Category : Steering Column
Item NameSteering Shaft
Country NameNSK.
Used inSuzuki