Tilt Bolt Clamp

We have with us rich industry experience in successfully managing the demands of precision engineered and high functionality based range of Tilt Bolt Clamps. These hot forged clamps are designed to ably support steering column tilt as well as height adjustment and are connected with main lever to activate the function. Falling under the category of Steering Column, these are presently being used in Renault automobiles. In steering column assembly, for achieving a tilt holding force adjustment mechanism, there is a distance bracket member which supports steering column and is disposed between side walls of upper clamp member fixed to vehicle body. The tilt bolt passes through these elongate apertures that are formed in side walls of upper clamp members and bolt holes formed in distance bracket member. With tilt lever screwed on first end of tilt bolt, tilt bolt stopper is mounted on second end of tilt bolt and feature a washer portion loosely fitted over second end of tilt bolt. This tilt bolt stopper is clamped between flange of tilt bolt and stopper fixing nut that is screwed on threaded portion formed at second end of tilt bolt.
Working Procedure:
  • Bracket structure comprising distance bracket member for supporting steering column and upper clamp member for supporting distance bracket member
  • Upper clamp member featuring first and second side walls with each one formed with elongated aperture, thus allowing distance bracket member to smoothly move between first and second side walls to adjust position of steering column
  • Tilt bolt passing through distance bracket member and elongated apertures of upper clamp member
  • Tilt bolt having first & second end portions and an outward flange with tilt lever screwed on first end portion of tilt bolt and adjusting mechanism including bolt rotation stopper with washer portion mounted on second end portion of tilt bolt
  • Steering column adapted to get fixedly mounted to said distance bracket Specifications:
  • Usage : Hot forged clamp supports steering column tilt and height adjustment and is connected with main lever to activate function
  • Category : Steering Column
Item NameClamp, Bolt Clamp
Customer NameNSK
Used inRenault