Tilt Clamp

Our rich industry experience also allows us to successfully match up with the emerging OE automobile market demands for Tilt Clamps. These cold forged clamps are main support for steering column tilts and height adjustment and form part of Steering Columns of Renault automobiles. In steering columns, pair of stoppers are formed in side wall sections of upper clamps. This prevents tilt bracket from rotating about tilt adjusting bolt relative to upper clamp in secondary collision. Here, the tilt bracket has inclined upstanding wall section secured to column jacket and has rounded corners for encouraging side wall sections to bend and flow toward inclined upstanding wall section in event of collision.
A tilting collapsible steering column comprises:
  • Upper clamp secured to vehicle body
  • Tilt bracket installed on upper clamp in a way that it can be moved upward and downward relative to said upper clamp
  • A column jacket
  • Tilt bracket featuring upstanding wall section that is secured to said column jacket
  • Pair of side wall sections formed with cuts near column jacket for encouraging side wall sections to shear in event of an collision
  • Fastening - Releasably securing tilt bracket to said upper clamp
  • Stopper - Preventing said tilt bracket from rotating about said fastening (relative to said upper clamp) in event of collision
  • Usage : This cold forged clamp is main support for steering column tilt & height adjustment
  • Category : Steering Column
Item NameClamp, Bolt Clamp
Customer NameNSK
Used inRenault