Upper and Lower Strut Ring

We hold expertise in successfully handling the emerging automobile market requirements for Upper and Lower Ring Struts. Presently being used in GM (USA), these rings come fitted on air lifts shock absorbers and are categorized under Transmission Components. These struts find application on front end of almost all front-wheel-drive vehicles and assist in integrating different suspension parts into one compact assembly. Being heart of suspension system, these resemble conventional shock absorbers and flawlessly perform shock-dampening function. These also assist in reducing suspension space as well as weight requirements as mounting strut assembly to steering knuckle eliminates need of upper control arm and ball joint. The range of struts include serviceable and sealed. Serviceable struts offered comes with threaded body nut that enables shock absorbing cartridge to be replaced. Sealed struts in turn help to permanently retain cartridge by means of cap. In majority of OE domestic struts are sealed. The different parts of struts include:
  • The Coil Spring
  • The Spring Seats
  • The Shock Absorbers
  • The Strut Bearing
  • The Steering Knuckle
With the shock absorbing portion of strut a common serviced part of strut assembly, it serves multipurpose and is able to integrate different components into single assembly. The functioning includes spring that supports weight of vehicle and its movement that allows vehicle adapting to road irregularities. Internal shock absorbers also dampen movement of spring as it compresses as well as rebounds itself as vehicle is traveling. Strut Housing: Strut housing serves as structural part of suspension system. This allows connecting upper strut bearing to lower ball joint that allow entire assembly to pivot when steering wheel is turned. Some of the signs vehicles may show in case of worn struts include:
  • Bottoming out
  • Excessive bouncing
  • Rocking back and forth
  • Drifting/nose-diving
  • Swaying
  • Usage : Rings are fitted on air lifts shock absorber
  • Category : Transmission Components
Customer NameTransmission Components
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