Vee Flange Assembly

Vee Flange Assembly offered by us is sub assembly that finds usage in collapsible column of sports utility vehicles (SUV’s). Supplied in un assembled conditions, this component is part of Steering Components and is presently being used in Land Rover (U.K.). Our rich industry and process experience allow us to offer these V-Band Couplings in different configurations as well as latch styles. Some of the areas these find application in include in joining:
  • Tubing
  • Piping
  • Containers
  • Filters
  • Separators
  • Regulators
  • Other enclosures
Our rich process experience allows us to ensure that we are able to judiciously maintain relationship between coupling design and cost by ensuring cross-section and overall design standards delivered match up with your application demands. Offering solutions to issues of replacing bolt flanges, V-Band Couplings help in reducing assembly costs as well as provide better ease of accessibility. Further, these are also ideal for applications that need frequent access for cleaning, inspection/replacement of internal components. Some of the advantages include:
  • Smaller envelope dimensions
  • Less weight
  • Improved appearance
  • Ease of assembly
  • Can be supplied in different sizes, shapes, materials and metal thickness options
  • Option of quick coupler, T-Bolt or saddle latch
V-Band Flanges are excellent alternative to traditional flanged/slip fit tube connections as these offer low profile and modular connection. These also work well under operating conditions that involve stress, vibration as well as significant temperature fluctuation. Some of the other benefits provided by V-Band clamp design include:
  • Allows for a quick release
  • Feature Male/Female design ensuring proper alignment inside clamp
  • Flanges available in T304 Stainless Steel, Billet Aluminum construction
V-Band Flange Assemblies: These are popular and effective option to work in operating conditions involving stress, vibration as well as extreme temperature fluctuations. The presence of V-band clamp design allows gasket free sealing as well as quick release feature, thus making swapping of parts at tracks quick and easy. Further, its Male/Female design also ensures proper alignment of flanges inside clamp.
Product Features:
  • Provides excellent grip even at high stress, vibration and extreme temperature conditions
  • Machined from superior grade stainless steel
  • Allows for gasket free sealing
  • Usage : As sub assembly, it finds usage in collapsible column of sports utility vehicles (SUV’s)
  • Supply : Supplied in unassembled conditions
  • Part of : These are part of Steering Components
  • Present Usage : Presently being used in Land Rover (U.K.)
Category NameStreeing Components
Used inLand Rover