Gear Shift Rail

We are also leading and well recognized names in the field of offering precision engineered and optimum functionality based range of Gear Shift Rails. Exported for meeting the requirements of Gear Box Assembly of 6 & 8 Wheeler trucks, these fall under the category Transmission Components and are presently being used in Ford (USA). Gear Shift Rail is part of the process where sliding rods on which Shift forks is attached is used for shifting manual transmission. With gearshift lever allowing driver to manually select gears using gearshift mechanism, these levers can also be mounted separate from gearbox on floors or on steering columns and connected to gearbox via rod linkage/cables. Further, these can also be mounted on top of gearbox where these act through ball pivot in top of extension housing. Here, lower end of gear lever fits into socket present in control shaft positioned inside transmission extension housing. In continuation, a short lever on other end of shaft is located in selector gate and is formed by slots in shift rails. These are further supported in casing and moved backward/forward through support of lever. With one rail moving for engaging first/second gear and others engaging third/fourth/fifth or reverse gears, the selector fork attached to first and second shift rail sits in square section groove on outside of first and second engagement sleeve. The lateral movement of gear lever positions control rod in line with designated selector rail and longitudinal movement is transferred through control rod and selector rail to fork and engagement sleeve. As each rail has detent mechanism in form of spring loaded steel ball, the ball engages in groove in the rail when gear lever is neutral and in similar groove when gear is selected, thus holding gear in detention in selected position. Here, when gear is changed, an interlock mechanism helps in preventing more than one gear to be engaged at a single time. Further, in neutral position, balls and plunger move laterally whereas in cases when outside rail is moved, ball is pushed sideways to contact plunger and move opposite ball into groove of other outside rail. As these balls are held in casing, this prevents movement of interlocked rails and holds them in neutral position. Further, when centre rail is moved, balls move into grooves of outside rails and hold them in same manner. As all gearboxes come fitted with interlock and detent mechanisms, these are used in automotive applications like:
  • Shift Shaft Assembly
  • Present Usage : Exported for Gear Box Assembly of 6 & 8 Wheeler trucks
  • Component Category : Transmission assembly part
Item NameGear Shift Rail
Customer NameZF
CountryIndia, Russia